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Online Platform
Online Automation Platform
Manage all of your documents, photos, data, and tasks for every transaction, at every stage of your process, all in one place.
Online Platform
Professional Industry Network

Interact with all parties to the transaction (title, contractor, etc.) with customizable, interactive tasks.
Online Platform
Quality Transaction Opportunities

Efficiently find, evaluate, negotiate, and close quality transactions as a buyer, seller, borrower, or lender.
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  • End-to-End Process Management
  • Powerful Evaluation and Analysis Tools
  • Document and Photo Management
  • Buy and Sell Properties
  • Online Financing
  • Professional Network
  • Institutional-Level Transaction Volumes
End to End Process Management
Online Negotiation
Manage the entire negotiation of your property online, from the terms of the sale to the contract to be signed.
Custom Document Generation
Every business has their own set of documents they use. Simplify your entire process by generating all your documents right from within the system using the data and negotiation terms that are already saved in the system.
Electronic Document Signatures
Stop wasting time printing, scanning, and emailing all your contracts. Our system is integrated with DocuSign allowing you to conduct all your business online.
Built in Data, Document, and Photo Management
Get rid of the monotony of updating spreadsheets, sending emails and scattered online storage. The Network keeps all your data, documents, and photos in one place where every participant in the transaction can see with visibility you define. Never re-key another piece of information again.
Workflow and Task Management
Manage your list of custom tasks for every step of the process. The Network gives you visibility into every step of the transaction and keeps the process moving forward automatically wasting less time and making you more profitable than ever before!
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If you are involved in the private capital real estate business our software was built to help you manage and monetize the complexities of your business. Create your free account today to get access to our help center, forums, and much more. We are committed to improving the Real Estate Industry and welcome any questions or feedback. If you have questions or feedback about our platform or the solutions we provide please contact us at support@REAutoTech.com.

Please note that this software is highly configurable and certain features may not be available in your account based on your product edition or network provider. If you have any questions about what is available to you please use the contact information listed above.